How Avoiding Conflict Can Cause Problems In Your Relationship

Trust your connection to handle blunt conversations that get to the heart of an issue. It could mean you end up overreacting to a minor issue. For others, it may be passive-aggressive manipulations. how to deal with someone who avoids conflict These types of outbursts can be hurtful and will damage your relationships with others, as well as your partner. Anger, fear, and hurt are not feelings that you can just shut off.

Conflict Avoidance In Relationships

Although explosions may still occur occasionally, your relationship will be significantly stronger and more resilient if you have the knowledge and skills in place to effectively deal with conflict. As we mentioned earlier, the anxiety that arises from the idea of talking to your partner about something difficult is like a ticking bomb. Think of a small conflict as a firecracker that is relatively easy to diffuse, while a big conflict is more like an atomic bomb that requires substantial expertise. A small conflict can serve as an opportunity to practice speaking your truth so your communication muscles will be strong when big issues arise. Small conflicts are also good practice ground to better understand how both you and your partner handle ambiguous situations.

Direct Communication

We start believing these negative stories that we have going on in our heads about our partner, about their character. Repairing your relationship after a fight is also an important skill. If you need to make a meaningful apology, do so, preferably in your partner’s apology language. You may need to take some steps to repair trust if it’s been damaged.

They may remain silent when they are upset or deny that there is a problem, even when it is evident that there is conflict. Furthermore, they may suffer through situations that make them unhappy or uncomfortable simply because they fear confrontation in relationships. The phrase “conflict avoidance” implies that there will be a negative conflict or tension.

How Do I Stop Being Scared Of Conflict?

I could do multi hour podcasts on this subject, and I’m not going to subject you to any of that. So avoiding or pacifying the conflict in those moments relieved that anxiety, right? On this topic, if you would like to learn more about this sort of way of being and where it comes from and what to do with it, I would refer you back to another podcast that I recorded on the subject of people-pleasing. You can find that back on the podcast feed for your listening pleasure. In myself, I was agreeing to things that I wasn’t fully on board with. I was not having courageous conversations about things that were important to me, to my own detriment, right, and that would impact the health of my relationship.