Top 10 Programming Languages for AI Development

If poor-quality data is fed into the system, it’s unlikely to produce the desired results. Be sure your data has been checked, cleaned best programming language for artificial intelligence and organized according to any specified requirements. For most programmers, Python is the best programming language for AI.

best programming language for artificial intelligence

One example of an AI project that uses Java is Deeplearning4j (DL4J) — a major open-source deep-learning library that uses Java. Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning that allows a program to mimic human learning and is typically used to group or cluster data and make predictions. If you’re interested in learning more about web development languages that can be applied in artificial intelligence, consider signing up for Berkeley Coding Boot Camp. In that case, it may be easier to develop AI applications in one of those languages instead of learning a new one. Ultimately, the best AI language for you is the one that is easiest for you to learn.

What Programming Languages Shouldn’t You Use for AI?

Julia’s AI ecosystem is growing, but isn’t quite as big as some of the options available for other major programming languages. The artificial intelligence applications for Julia continue to grow over time. Some of the features that make Julia great for AI programming include a built-in package manager and support for parallel and distributed computing.

best programming language for artificial intelligence

It ultimately comes down to the specific requirements of your project and your own personal preferences as a developer. Its metaprogramming, memory management, and debugging features have enhanced its reliability in developing AI. Other notable features of Julia include the dynamic type system, distributed and parallel computations, and C-functions support. Rust is used as the backend programming language for several renowned systems like Yelp, Azure, npm, Dropbox, Discord, Firefox, Cloudflare, and Polkadot. It is ideal for AI development because it is effective in scientific computing due to its easier expression, memory safety, and speed. If you want a programming language that is quick, secure, and high-performing, Rust is the perfect option.

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It may seem like a bizarre language to learn for those programmers who are from a C++ background. For AI programming in Prolog, developers need to define the rules, facts, and the end goal. After defining these three, the prolog tries to discover the connection between them. Programming in AI using Prolog is different and has several advantages and disadvantages. Now, the huge credit of what we are witnessing from AI goes to LISP. It is the oldest language used for AI processes and the second oldest language overall.

best programming language for artificial intelligence

You can learn Python from the experts from Udemy and can search according to your preference. Haskell is a statically typed and purely functional programming language. What this means, in summary, is that Haskell is flexible and expressive.


Many of the most popular libraries
and frameworks are written in Java, including Hadoop and TensorFlow. JavaScript also has an object-oriented structure, making it easy for programmers to build complex programs using multiple objects. Its popularity has increased significantly over time due to its ease of use and flexibility from simple linear regressions to multi-level modeling approaches. Although Lisp programming language is the second oldest language after Fortran, it is still being used because of its crucial features.

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Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he’s a musician who loves languages (those you use to talk to people) and dancing. The first version of Julia was officially introduced to the programming space in 2018 and has steadily been gaining popularity ever since. According to HPCwire, the number of downloads for the language grew by 87 percent from 2020 to 2021, and the number of available packages for the language grew by 73 percent. If you’re just learning to program for AI now, there are many advantages to beginning with Python. A good programmer can write an AI in nearly any programming language. These are generally niche languages or languages that are too low-level.

How to Make an AI in Julia

Julia is a newer language that’s gaining popularity for its speed and efficiency. And if you’re looking to develop low-level systems or applications with tight performance constraints, then C++ or C# may be your best bet. One example of a tool that uses C++ for AI-focused applications is the library OpenCV.

  • C++ is a popular programming language known and loved for its speed and efficiency.
  • The next step is to consider the amount and type of data that you’re processing using AI.
  • Although Prolog may not be as flexible or user-friendly as Python or Java, it can be of great use.
  • With Haskell, code reusability comes in handy for the developers along with other features like type system and memory management.
  • It is ideal for AI development because it is effective in scientific computing due to its easier expression, memory safety, and speed.
  • In this article, we will explore some of the ten best programming languages for AI development in 2023.

That’s right, R was created by statisticians just for performing computations and crunch massive data sets with ease in a matter of seconds. Today, R is a powerful language used for machine learning programming applications, and any artificial intelligence applications that involve extensive computation or data analysis. Some of Java’s biggest advantages as an AI programming language include its ease of use, fast debugging, portable memory management, and its versatility. It can help develop everything from data analysis to natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning and so much more.

C++ Programming Language

It is indispensable in digital marketing when it is necessary to personalize the customer experience and study their behavior. It is also used in healthcare to process big data, diagnose diseases, determine risks, and adjust treatment. Predicting the mortality of COVID-19 patients with this technology is 92% accurate. ML is one of the ways to use AI in computer technology when working with data. He created the first checkers program that could learn independently. According to him, after such training, computers demonstrate behavior that they were not programmed for.

When designing learning algorithms and automating processes that often require human involvement, this type of language offers a significant benefit over alternatives. Scripting programming languages are often interpreted—not compiled—into machine-readable languages. One of the most popular programming
languages for developing AI solutions is Prolog. It was developed in 1972 and
used for decades as a powerful logic programming language.

Where should I start if I want to get into AI programming?

The reason for this breakthrough popularity is the simple syntax used in Python. Furthermore, the simple syntax will allow you to spend much more time on planning the core structure, which is why Python is an ideal choice for Machine Learning processes. The IntelliSoft team is long enough in AI and machine learning development to talk about intelligent technologies. Once, we developed an AI-based fuel consumption forecasting model for one of our clients.

best programming language for artificial intelligence

C# and C++ are object-oriented languages containing many tools for building artificial intelligence applications. C++ gets more attention in the AI business than C# as it is a low-level programming language that has been around for a long time. Its strengths come from the rapid processing speed that allows it to handle complex machine learning modules and run with high efficiency.


“What programming language for artificial intelligence is the best? But thanks to many libraries and easily accessible instructional resources, AI programming is now more accessible than ever. A beginner’s introduction to AI programming is made even simpler by the abundance of online training resources for well-known languages like Python and Java. If you want to work as an AI engineer, the first computer language you should learn is Python. You can start learning other programming languages once you have learned Python and its uses in AI development.

  • Other popular AI programming languages include Julia, Haskell, Lisp, R, JavaScript, C++, Prolog, and Scala.
  • While Python is suitable for developers who don’t like coding, JavaScript is for those who don’t mind it.
  • The artificial intelligence applications for Julia continue to grow over time.
  • When you think of statistical processes in programming, R will definitely strike your thoughts.
  • Some of the features that make Julia great for AI programming include a built-in package manager and support for parallel and distributed computing.
  • It’s also a lazy programming language, meaning it only evaluates pieces of code when necessary.

A programming language is a computer language used to write instructions and transmit them to computers and other computer-based devices. To communicate with computers, software engineers and developers employ programming languages, which can be divided into five main types. Now that you know about the various languages, do you need clarification about what is the best programming language for AI? Programming languages for AI include Haskell, Java, Python, Julia, and Lisp. A good AI programming language should be simple to understand, use, and read. For most developers, Python is the best programming language for artificial intelligence.

  • Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology as it is incorporated into everything touching our lives.
  • A huge disadvantage of using JAVA for AI processes is the processing speed, which is much lower than others.
  • Many well-known systems, like Dropbox, Yelp, Firefox, Azure, Polkadot, Cloudflare, npm, Discord, etc., use Rust as their backend programming language.
  • Haskell provides safety and speed over all else in scenarios involving machine learning.
  • You can simply consider Python as the forerunner of all other languages right now.
  • R was originally developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993 to implement the S programming language, which focuses on statistical computation and graphical modeling.